An Update on our COVID-19 Status

We made the decision to cancel classes on Tuesday in order to prepare for three days of on-line streaming of our classes or "E-Learning", the new term that has evolved since the pandemic started. There were several reasons for doing so. Returning from Christmas break, many of our families who had travelled out of state... Continue Reading →

Update from MCA

Carpool Lines Morning and Afternoon We have implemented some changes in our carpool arrangement for mornings to help make the flow of traffic go more smoothly and in order to keep everyone walking across the parking lot safe. In the Morning There is just one lane for drop off. Please pull all the way up... Continue Reading →

Praying Through the Psalms

For two decades, I worked with a short-term mission group called World Changers. It's not connected to the church by that name in Atlanta, this was a mission ministry that helped small churches involve their youth and college students in projects like home repair for low income, older homeowners on fixed incomes, work for community... Continue Reading →

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