It’s the Last Week of the School Year

We are about to wrap up another school year at Midwestern Christian Academy. This year, the school reached an enrollment of 200 students. From Pre-K3 to eighth grade, we are now able to celebrate this year's accomplishments and look forward to what the next year brings. This is my fifth year as principal. It has... Continue Reading →

A Look Back at the Past

Five years ago, the MCA class of 2019, 20 students in all, received their eighth grade diplomas. After enjoying an eighth grade trip that included a day at Navy Pier and a day at Six Flags, the class received their awards and their diplomas, and went on to their respective high schools. That was the... Continue Reading →

Reflections in the Middle of “Test Week”

We have passed the mid-week mark during MCA's administration of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. One of the noticeable differences around our campus has been the fact that I've been able to close the front door when the flow of students into the building stops around 8:25 a.m. which is ten minutes earlier than... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to MCA Parents About Fundraising Goals

Until this past year, MCA's Parent-Teacher Fellowship sponsored fundraising projects at the school which involved selling chocolate. Over the past four years, our students and families sold approximately $17,000 worth of Hershey's candy bars, which netted an average of $8,000 in profit for non-budgeted expenses at the school. That's not bad, but for many parents,... Continue Reading →

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