First Grade Remembered the Chapel Message

Earlier this month, the elementary chapel message was on being kind to others. We had some ideas about how to be kind to people, but the chapel speaker said that students could start practicing that principle when they went back to class. In fact, he asked the students to remember what they did when they went back that very afternoon, and to write it down and bring it to chapel the next time, so we could talk about it.

Well, the first grade class decided to do exactly that. They went back to class. They decided they were going to be nice and to treat their classmates with kindness. And they wrote it down and brought the notes to chapel the next week.

Here’s what they recorded during the afternoon:

“I will play with Zayne.”

“I have been kind to Joela.”

“I am going to be nice to Annabelle”

“I will be kind to Zayne. I will be freinds with you frever”. (I kept the original spelling)

“I will help Levi on Wednesday.”

“I will help Levi on Wednesday.” Apparently two people thought Levi needed some extra help.

“I will be cinde to Levi. I will not tell on him. I will not fite him. I will be cinde to him.”

“I play wiff the girls.” Now there’s a brave soul.

“I will be kind to Levi.” I guess Levi had a pretty nice Wednesday afternoon.

“I will be kind to Gabriel on Wednesday evaning.”

“I will be nice to Emilia on Wednday.”

So apparently, Wednesday afternoon was a good day in First grade that day. I hope it lasted. When they came back, they remembered what they had written and several of them said they were still being nice.

It’s good to see First graders paying attention in church, and taking the sermon seriously.

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