Registration and Enrollment for the 2022-23 School Year at MCA

We have opened the re-enrollment/registration for the 2022-23 school year to currently enrolled families. This includes a $250 per student registration fee and locking in the lowest rate for annual tuition and fees. Since we are anticipating that several grades at MCA will reach their enrollment capacity, we are providing the first opportunities to our current families to guarantee their child’s space for the upcoming school year.

Click this link to the registration form.

We are opening re-enrollment early for our currently enrolled families because we are expecting several of our grades to be completely full for the 2022-23 school term. If you have a child entering kindergarten, first grade or third grade, we are anticipating all three of these grade levels will be at capacity and with waiting lists. If you enroll before February 1, we will guarantee that your child, as a currently enrolled family, will have a space in that classroom. On February 1, new families who have applied and paid the enrollment fee will be added to the roster.

Interest from first-time families in enrollment at MCA is much higher at this point now, than it was last year, when we enrolled 60 new students. For 2022-23, we only have about 35 available spaces for new students, so it is very likely that several of our grade levels will have waiting lists after February 1st.

If you register before February 1, you receive the lower enrollment fee of $250 and the lowest tier tuition rate is locked in. The tuition rate and enrollment fee increases after March 31. You can also receive a $500 scholarship for a referral when a family you refer enrolls at MCA.

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